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Jump right to the MassDEP’s site page for a release with this bookmarklet. It prompts you for the Release Tracking Number (RTN) or it uses the selected text on the page if you have anything selected.

  1. Create a new bookmark in your browser (e.g., Safari, Mozilla).
  2. Give the bookmark a name.
  3. Use the following text as the bookmark’s address or location
  4. Select your bookmark and enter a tracking number, like 1-12345 and press OK.

Click here to try it out!


Active MassDEP Release Sites

Boston Active Releases Sample

The MassDEP regularly publishes general information about all releases or threats of releases of chemicals or hazardous material into the environment. The map below shows the active releases, ones for which remediation activities are on-going, and groups them by town.

Select a mark on the map to see details of releases in a city or town. The table includes site information like category of release and compliance status. To get to the MassDEP site page for the release, click on a cell in the table and then click the link in the popup window.  Definitions of some of the terminology used can be found in this glossary.

Sources: MassDEP site informationGoogle Maps API for geocoding.

Direct link to Interactive Visualization