About Me


I am a software developer and manager providing custom technology solutions for the environmental services industry. I have worked on enterprise applications in the financial and data storage industries for several years. I have also conducted research in usability and cooperative work.

My passion is understanding customer needs and delivering beautiful solutions that simplify and bring happiness to peoples’ lives.

I can help companies

  • Integrate disparate systems
  • Migrate solutions to modern technologies and
  • Analyze and visualize data

Personal Stuff

I love the outdoors, soccer, gardening and my family. I have two kids, 13 and 11, and a wife who is a librarian at our local library.  I live in Wayland, Massachusetts just west of Boston.

Please contact me if you want to discuss software, management, hiking or drip irrigation systems.

Software Development Philosophy

There are so many technologies available for companies today, but the latest and greatest gadgets are not always the right fit.  Start with the customer’s current processes and ask them how they would like to do things differently.  What pain points are being addressed? What has worked in the past and what hasn’t?  Ask “Why?,” repeatedly, until you get to the root problem.  As the developer or technologist, you understand the possibilities and can help them imagine what could be.  Come up with a shared vision and deliver quickly on that vision, not all at once but, iteratively. Communicate frequently and be open and honest about all obstacles and setbacks.

If you’re looking to improve your software development practice, check out agile methodologies. They do a nice job of balancing the needs of the customer with the needs of the development team. I am most familiar with the Scrum framework. A happy development team leads to happy customers.

Management Philosophy

My management philosophy is to empower team members to make decisions and to help them see the impact they have on the team’s success. I promise to advocate on their behalf and keep them informed of the business decisions or factors that effect them directly or indirectly. I hold weekly one-on-ones with each team member to build a strong rapport and to help them achieve their professional goals. When hiring I look for motivated individuals that strive to improve the effectiveness of the entire team or organization.

The folks at Manager Tools are an indispensable resource for improving your management practice. I started as a developer listening to their podcasts. When I was asked to manage a team, I was able to hit the ground running. Even as a non-manager you can gain insight into how best to participate and communicate in a corporate environment.


Please find my resume here: Jeff Kurtz’s Resume

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